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Nicole’s yoga classes are creative, challenging and SO fun!! As a teacher she’s patient and inspiring and has a way of helping her students not take themselves too seriously while also delving deep into both the asanas and the spiritual/meditative practice of yoga. After practicing consistently with her through zoom I’ve completely fallen in love with yoga all over again, built strength and unlocked poses I never thought would be able to do. I also leave every one of her classes more calm and thoughtful than I was before. If you’re not sure if her classes are for you I HIGHLY recommend you try one out; her community of yogis is so welcoming to all levels of practice and I mean it when I say zoom yoga with Nicole has been an absolute highlight of my quarantine!!

The 21 days of yoga challenge with Nicole was physically and mentally challenging but so deeply rewarding. Besides the daily classes, which were creative and dynamic, the daily journal prompts and meditations gave me space to reflect on my life and my path and to understand myself more clearly. The whole experience gave me so much clarity and I LOVED the supportive community of yogis we were able to build from around the world. It was such a positive experience for me and I would do it again in a heartbeat


I've been taking private lessons with Nicole for around 9 months now, and I still look forward to every session! Nicole is amazing at creating classes that are super personal; always in tune with the way I'm feeling and what I want to work on. She's creative, incredibly connected to how everything feels in the body so her cues are really on point. I learn something in every single class I take with her. My personal practice has advanced so much since I started working with her and I would recommend her as a private teacher to anyone. She's a great teacher, great person and wise beyond her years.


At the beginning of this year I wanted to improve my strength and flexibility. I had been going to some yoga classes in studios and trying some tutorials on Youtube but felt "stuck". Private classes with Nicole were exactly what I needed!! We've been working together for months now, and I'm amazed at how much my yoga practice has improved (from struggling with a chatarunga push up to my very first chin stand scorpion). Nicole is a calm, easy to follow, and creative teacher. Every private class is different and tailored to exactly what I want to work on that week. I recommend private classes with Nicole to anyone working to deepen their yoga practice, build strength, enhance flexibility or improve balance across all levels. 


I discovered Nicole's classes in the midst of the pandemic and I couldn't be more thankful. Nicole's ability to make her students feel comfortable, safe, strong, and seen is what made me keep coming back. She truly elevated my practice with only a few classes! Once I began to take her classes regularly, I noticed the shift in my physical asana practice and gained so much more strength than I had before. Nicole encouraged me to try on new variations and was excellent at guiding me into them safely/ Her sculpt classes have assisted me in gaining more strength in my core for inversions and arm balances, you need to try them! The freedom that comes with her vinyasa sequences allows you to get lost in the movement and reconnect to yourself. I highly recommend taking her classes if you're both new to yoga or an avid practitioner! She's an incredible human, very grateful to have met her along this journey!


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